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Hi, I’m Lionel

During the past 35 years I have worked as a 1st Consultant within the Logistics, Warehousing, & Supply Chain; and I’m a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. The world of business and engineering may have been my first love, but the ability to serve my fellow Canadians is my ultimate passion.

We need a united government that supports ALL Canadians, no matter which affiliation they are.

Please support me, so that I can support you.
– Lionel Wayne Poizner P.Eng, P.Log

Who I have worked with


  •  Transportation: National program, reduced costs, Bicycle safe, fully accessible.
  •  Environment: No carbon taxes, tougher regulations, proper enforcement.
  •  Immigration: Eliminate delays, proper screening & security, focus on family reunification, limit refugies, sufficient resources for integration into Canada.
  • Budgets & Deficits: Transparent accounting, balanced budgets, Reduce debt.
  • Health Care: National enhanced program, focus on seniors and mental health,
  • Economy: Focus on small business, R&D programs, new start-up resources.

More About Me…


Lionel is passionate about his family and enjoys his work. He enjoys traveling Asia, Europe, USA, and the Middle East and is constantly exploring new technology that he may leverage to help his warehousing, logistics, transportation and supply chain clients. He is an experienced Engineering, Materials Management, Logistics, Warehousing, Global Supply Chain professional that has spent his career working in the private sector. He has sourced products from all over the world and arranged for their import and distribution into the Canadian market. He has worked for both large corporations and new start-ups with a mandate to obtain regional growth, cut costs and increase profits. Lionel likes to help small to medium size business compete in markets that are normally just reserved for the larger supply chain giants.

Lionel loves bringing new products and technology to market and get satisfaction from helping his clients achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability in their business. He is PMP trained but not certified at this time. Lionel is a quality control expert and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Lionel has developed a number of web based applications that he provides to his Logistics, warehousing, transportation and supply chain clients free of charge to help them streamline their operations and reduce their operating costs. These applications include load tracking, yard management, employee management, scheduling, and dispatch modules.

He is a hands on manager that can manage technical and administrative teams as well as get the job done on his own when required. He has many hobbies, enjoys sports and loves to source new and exciting products from across the globe.

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